Types of Material


2D Plastic (Black and White)


Plastic cases are made from rigid polycarbonate material. PC material impact resistance is strong, the strength and toughness is very good, whether stress or general throw, as long as you don't try to use it with a stone. It is enough to live a long life, at the same time, the appearance of the transparency is high but it is more easily scratched.


2D Rubber (Black and White)


Rubber cases are made from somewhat flexible TPU material. TPU material is known for its bending strength and scratch resistance. It has good protection to impact and drop. Also, there are some patterns on the side of case which can prevent your phone to slip. This rubber case has matte color for the rubber. All of buttons will covered and easy to access.



2D Full Soft (Black and Transparent)


Different from 2D plastic and 2D rubber cases, this case contains of all soft materials. If 2D plastic and 2D rubber have printed area from aluminium, this soft case has printed area from film sheet. Although it is made of film sheet material, the durability of image quality can be guaranteed. Different from 2D rubber case, its rubber has a glossy color. All of buttons will covered and easy to access.








3D Matte


This case is made from plastic with full printed. Not only on the back but also on all of side fully printed and finished with matte color. So, it will make this case so eye-catching and give you good experience when you touch it. 


3D Dual Protective Case


This material is very special, contains of 2 layers, consisting of combination of protective rubber and  3D matte case. This case will give you good protection, good printed quality, eye-catching looks, also have the best experience of touching. Absolutely, this case has all covered buttons.